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I was turning around as I said it. I looked at her just as I said it. “Amelia…I think…no, I know this to be a fact. I find you very, very pretty... and I find you to be a very sexy girl. There’s something else too?” I’d already stunned her with me telling her she’s pretty and sexy. I probably shouldn’t have said it but I did. However, it was coming anyway. “I’ve…I’ve always…wanted to feel your breasts Amelia.” Now that shocked the living hell out of her and I could tell it did. Her eyes were big. .and, with less clothing on ;-)I was sitting on the edge moving my plug around in me while stroking myself when I noticed and older man with a white beard and leather jacket. He was at least in his late 60's. A big man all around.He watched for awhile and I was titillated, but then he just kind of cruised on...I was wondering if I had done something wrong or given a wrong cue.I decided to slide my shorts down around my ankles and stroke myself when, after a few minutes, he returned with a. ” The man explains that it takes a few hours to assemble a grill and, since the old grill works perfectly well, he uses that to cook their food. A few days later, the woman asks the man, “When are you going to put the grill together? I bought it for your birthday. Don’t you like your birthday present?” The man explains that he’s been busy doing other things and that although he likes his birthday present very much, other things have taken priority. She reminds her husband that they have dinner. They were really into it, and it wasn't like lust at all, they were both there physically and emotionally as well. They both wrapped their arms around each other and then I just couldn't take it anymore, I came as well. I began moaning really loudly and then they both looked at me. “Come on mom, let's see it,” David said.They both saw it, they saw me just explode all over the bed. Then as I was laying there just trying to catch my breath, they were about to start back up again. She pulled out a.

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