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As soon as Peter had reached for his belt, Meagan’s eyes glazed over and she felt the uncontrollable urge to strip. Peter had freed his cock and was...pulling his shirt off by the time Meagan was in her bra and panties. Instinctively, she reached behind her back to unhook her bra, but her growing realization that she could affect Peter more strongly while half naked kicked in.Meagan waited until Peter could see her again before asking him, “Do you want me to make a show of releasing my boobs? I. ..." Her expression was one of confusion and concern."Maybe I'm getting sick?" Logan knew better but played innocent."Oh I hope not baby...you know I've been feeling a bit off myself lately...maybe I gave you what I had..." Carrier" she joked. "What were your symptoms? Like a flu maybe? That would explain the chill...." Yeah, I kept getting hot for no reason and had a weird almost painful ache inside parts of my body." You must have given whatever it was to me because that's how I feel. “Are Jen’s better than mine?” Grammy asked and I saw that Millie had turned around and reached behind her and undid her bra. It was falling freely from Grammy’s shoulders and tits and my mouth literally began watering!“That is not hardly a fair question, dear. Your tits are like Prime Rib and Jen’s are like rib eye steak. Both are delicious in their own way and asking which is better… well that is just not fair!” Mille said. She gave Grammy’s nipples a harsh little twist and Grammy moaned as I. Later Linda was ordered to clean and pack away Mistress' toys, while we enjoyed a few drinks and conversation in the kitchen."Jason. I need you tomorrow." Mistress announced to me.She isnt my Domme as Im a Dom myself, but I think she is just too used to talking to people that way, plus this was her group of Subs and Slaves."Yes Mistress." I answered as she took me by the arm and led me out to the patio to look at the pool."I'll need your help with a new slave. She has a fantasy rape she wants.

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