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Everyone may contact me on my mail id , for your feedbacks, and comments. This story happened around 2004 in Delhi when I was 28 years of age, and sh... was 36 years she is a mother of 3 children elder daughter 20 years, first son 19 years, second son 18 yearsof age.It between me and my close friend’s mammi, to start with her stats were too good 40-36-38, so you all can say that she was really huge in size her height is 5′ 4″, she is black in colour, she is basically from jharkhand so everyone. Lete lete aahein hi bharti rahi aur mere sir kecc baalon ko nochne lagicc..aur kuch hi dr main vo dicharge ho gayimaine uskicc.poori cum ko choos liya aur uske bagal se jakar let gaya aur vo aawazain band hone ka naam hi nahile rahi thi ..aaaaaahhhcthnc.vo uthi aur mere land ko hath main liya aurcc.use pyar se sehlane lagic.aur uske bad use lollypop ke jaise choosne lagi dhire dhire land maharaz apni asali aukat main aa gaye aurcc.fanfanane lage khade hokarc.vo ekdam se dar gayi. I suddenly began to cry."Oh Emmy, don't cry dear," Naomi said, rushing to my side and hugging me,handing me a tissue."No, dear, please understand that I was not criticizing you," Aunty beganto explain. "I was just worried about what your parents . . . ah . . .your mother would say if she knew Naomi was helping you dress."I looked up at her, and she smiled. Her attitude softened immediately."Emily you're lovely, so pretty," she said finally. "Would you mind if Itook a few pictures so you can. Kissing and tasting my mouth. Licking and sucking my nipples. Oh my goodness. Pleasure does not see color and makes itself known in black or white. Why can't they see the beauty in the different?They shift their positions. Reggie straddles my face, a muscled thigh nestles against each of my arms. I am aroused with his cock resting against my lips. Lifting his cock in his hand, he gently thumps it against my lips until I open up for him. I suck in my first cock head, holding it gingerly between.

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