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.. wickedly.The Next DayEngland, NHSElaine Griffin was back in her office. Yesterday afternoon when she got back to her office she saw an attached not... on her office door. It was already very late in the afternoon when she got back. The note was from her "underling", the one who ran things for her and covering her back and doing her daily office work while she was away doing other things. Her "underling2 wanted words with her.Now it was morning. Any moment now her underling was going to see. I had also called a friend and told him what time we would be arriving in California. He told me that he would pick us up. We left Atlanta for California and we just held each other, very few words were exchanged. I just wanted Brandi to know that I loved her very much.We finally arrived in California, it had taken us twenty-two hours and then we had another hour drive, to get home. I got on the phone and called Ellen to find out how everything was going there. Ellen said, “John, hold your. “I can see why you didn’t want to call,” she sighed. “What can I get you?”“I didn’t call,” I said, “because I wanted all of us to come, so that you could see all of us in person.”It took her a minute. I let her get there, then continued.“I got the sense that you are not looking for a relationship,” I said, “and yet you gave me your number. I figured you might be looking for something a little less committed. Perhaps just to play for a little while?”All the pieces fell in place. I saw it. "Nobody paid for all night, did they?" Yeah, the last guy. What'd you expect?" Deke opened the car door for me. "You know the last guy is gonna be a long one, baby. It's Saturday." Yeah." I climbed in the car and Deke closed the door. "I gotta call my dad." What?" Deke was opening his door and getting in."Let me use your phone, I gotta call my dad." Just call him from the hotel." No, I gotta call him now." Shit." Deke reached into his jacket and pulled out his celphone, handing it to me with a.

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