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"You better treat Cathy right, or I'll come after you..." He said and chuckled jokingly. Onyx got the feeling he was serious though. "No problem..." O...yx said, grinning. He noticed that even Ajax's eyes were diamond grey.The new friends talked and laughed for a long time. onyx had never been happier in his life. He had friends. Real friends. He was glad he wasn't nervous about crowds, or else it might have been harder."Say, Onyx." Caine said at one point. "You have a job?" Onyx cleared his. ' 'I don't think so. I've never done anything like that before. Not even with a boy.' 'Just a little lick, I promise I won't bite them but they're so cute and sticky-out.' I peeped through the door and saw two delightful 16 year olds, both stark naked! One was Trudy, Carol's younger sister. Oh boy, did she ever take after her sister. Short brown hair, freckles on her face and a pair of tits that must have been 36Cs at least. And only 16! In contrast the other girl had hardly any tits at all.. She was totally nude, just like her daughter and I, her fiery locks of wavy hair tumbling down around but not over her large, swollen breasts, which she had deliberately left unhidden by the aforementioned her in order to increase my pleasure. Terri was usually docile and submissive to me, but on this night, she was on a mission!"Mom, does this really need to hap---"YOU SHUT UP TOO!" barked Terri. "I've already explained this! You hit puberty five weeks ago, and you hadn't taken cock till now!. ” Vicky looked over, “Dr. Pepper if its alright, that’s my favorite.” Mrs. Logan bent over to grab a can, “That’s Ashley’s favorite too.” Vicky could not help but stare at Mrs. Logan’s firm ass through her kahki shorts. Ashley deffinatly got her sexy from her mom. Mrs. Logan grabbed a glass and put some ice in it, and then handed it to Vicky, “Sorry I should have asked if you wanted ice, I’m so use to Ashley drinking it like that, want take it straight from the can.” Mrs. Logan sat down.

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