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"Next a top for you, to go with your new skirt, one to match" I don't know, I have loads of clothes with me already" These are what all the girls are ...earing now"Siri put her hands on Maria's shoulders and lifted the top off, pulling it over her head. Maria's head was really light now and she just let Siri take it off."Black or white top for the lady" the market girl said."Both" Siri suggested"Here latest design from Hong Kong" She handed Siri a tiny silk top, with shoe string straps in. –Your BenefactorNeedless to say, Samael thought it was a joke at first, but decided to give it a go. he griped his fist and made a wish. Samael: I wish there was a mansion with 100 bedrooms and 100 bathrooms and those who in the mansion can teleport to those bedrooms and bathrooms by their number between 1-100.He then looked in front of him as a massive mansion was right in front of him, as he walked into the mansion and then, he thought about bedroom 20 and then, he was instantly teleported in. There was no other car at the pump, and Donna pulled her purse up onto her lap as the attendant approached. Extra protec- tion, she thought, and anyway, she would have to pay him.The attendant was a greasy-looking kid in his mid-teens, and he was grinning stupidly at Donna as she rolled down the window. His grin froze, though, when she rolled the window down and he leaned forward into the car."Damn, lady, your car sure does stink. What happened, some- thing crawl in here and die?"Damn it, Donna. Now we can get on with our lives.’ I said. Just then Steve burst through the door. ‘Sara, baby, you’ve got to reconsider. What about all the great times we had together? What about all the pain he caused you?’ Steve asked. ‘Steve, just go. This has been hard enough already, I don’t want this to get out of hand.’ Sara said. ‘How can you just throw our love away?’ Steve asked. ‘She isn’t throwing it away Steve, she’s sacrificing it. She weighed her love for both of us and chose me. It will take.

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