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Masu ran a one-person clinic and only had a select clientele. No walk-ins, only by referral. Fortunately, a co-worker introduced me to Masu the other ...ear and I’ve been a steady customer since. His magical fingers did wonders to the human body. I was feeling horny, so I thought I would treat him to a special experience for a change. Masu was in his early 30s, muscular, and good-looking–but he lost his eyesight as a teenager. Massage work suited him well. Back in his home country of Japan, blind. "And suddenly a song was there. Opening up her mouth, she brought forthall her loss in a beautiful, warbling voice. Alas, human, you do me wrong,To chase me here discourteously,Making me sing this stupid song,No longer where I want to be.Grey bridge was all my joy.Grey bridge was my delight,Grey bridge was my heart of stone,And where is my lovely grey bridge?"Babes, what are you doing? You're singing a love song about a bridge, Idon't think that will work."Whatever else the song may have done. Daakar informedher quietly:"Ms. Palmer, Mr. Smith's Minotaurian Beautification Process has alteredyour body completely and forever. You'll have to cope with that cravingfor meat for the coming two weeks. After that, things should settle downtemporarily, but I'm afraid you must cope with that craving every monthfor the rest of your life!"She pointed up to the monitor screen, but Palmer could see nothing morethan a blur."Something's wrong!" she said to herself. "If that's a blur, then I mustbe. ‘Damned if that didn’t come out right, either!’ ‘Oh, I don’t know?’ Helen laughed at him. Reaching over she took his hand in hers she adding, ‘Sure, why not! I can trust you, and after I spent the day with you anyone with a small mind has already made up it up about what is going on. Sure! I’ll even make breakfast if you have the makings. That will surely make the biddies roll their eyes! When they pulled in at what they were coming to call, ‘Their Texaco Station’, Duncan asked the guy on duty.

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