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We all fantasise don't we?Whether it's a simple fantasy like that house in the country, driving or owning a Ferrari or winning the lottery—perhaps i...'s a sexual fantasy like going to bed with Sasha Alexander, Summer Glau or Jewel Staite. We all have them.Mine however seemed to centre on being a character in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.I didn't mind which one—as long as it wasn't Christopher Biggins or Meat Loaf. Frank, Columbia or Magenta would have done—even Janet, dammit.After Sue left, I'm. .. getting closer, and closer. You can feel the heat of his dick, as you lean in. You open your mouth slowly, and his thick mushroom head slips past your lips.You hear his low, guttural moan, as the tip of his penis slides into your mouth. You open your mouth even wider as his cock penetrates you. You feel his hand gently press you in, and you grab his thighs. You look up at him, and he catches your eye. He begins to unbutton his shirt. He is teasing you with his body. He slides his shirt off,. Up and down. Slowly, at first, but it doesn’t take him long at all to pick up his speed. ‘Take it off,’ he demands. His voice is already hoarse. I happily obey and my skirt is on the floor, but he stops me before I can touch myself again. ‘Panties too,’ he says. ‘I want to see your cunt.’ So he has a dominant streak to him. I feel like we’re playing a game. Two can play at this game. I take my knickers off, but slowly. I want to torment him with this. His moans become more animalistic and he. Like her best friends including Mindy, she thought about sex every two or three seconds and often did something about it. Mindy added the ‘royal order’ part of her description when she learned one time from Heather that her parents had done her genealogy and could trace their roots back to old English kings.Heather had long blonde hair and noteworthy tits that usually were almost on display because of her choice of scoop neck tops or fold-over blouses lacking a key button. I happen to have a.

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