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B said. I started to think of assignments I could do, such as doing all the questions from the assignment, not just the even numbered ones. I kept th...nking of other things to do, but he just sat there on my desk quietly, with just a playful grin on his face. "That's not really what I had in mind Stacy" he said. "Whatever you want me to do Mr. B, I'm just thankful for your consideration," I said a bit bookishly. Mr. B then grabbed my shoulder and rubbed it a little. "You have quite the. "Mike shrugged in resignation.Tom, Mike had to acknowledge, was a babe magnet. What it was about him Mike didn't know. Perhaps he had a nose for available pussy, perhaps he exuded the right pheromones, perhaps it was because he was six foot three and blond, had a cheeky boyish face and a body that repaid the hours of the gym work he did. Whatever the reason, it was true: he was a babe magnet.Now Mike would also acknowledge that while he wouldn't know how to use a pick-up line, Tom had the gift. When he gets drunk, he rubs on me more, and plays with my ass, which I LOVE. I want to be as smooth as possible for him. I think I've made decent time? And when I'm rinsing I feel that I am really wet, paying so much attention to down there and anticipating tonight has me already leaking warm juices. Almost to the point of dripping. I love getting up from eating in a restaurant and feeling my panties wet, it's a new feeling since I've been shaving. There is no hiding when I'm turned on. The. Getting in John's car without Alex made me feel a little awkward. But as soon as Alex sensed it he decided to help us break the ice and dared John and I to kiss. So we made out, and it put me at ease. We drove off, and on the way to our hotel John and I caressed each other, and the heat and the chemistry scaled off the roof.John and I got to the hotel first. Alex was on his way. I don't want to give too many erotic details, but for the first 20 minutes it was just John and I in the room, and we.

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