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" There is this thing about twins. They are either joined at the hip, know each others thoughts and they live and act as one or they hate each other. ...aybe not hate, but they don't get along all that well. Paulie and I fall into that second category. We didn't start out that way, but when we reached middle school things started going bad between us. Paulie started wanting what I had. Before we started middle school we shared. What was mine was hers and what was hers was mine.In middle school we. As soon as I could I slowly exitredAS i slid into the bed with Cindi she moaned and pulled me tigh behind her. We spoonedI hoped Cindi would not notice Jeanie's moisture pressing against her cute buttThe next moring we had our morning fuck as nothing had happenedThe next two weeks continued in the normal fashionAs time went on I would fuck Jeannie about once a week. As I left the bathroom, I would head straight to her roomI thought this was as good as it could getEventually I was intorduced to. We were each others first, and have continued to enjoy every aspect of our relationship, in particular the adventures in the bedroom.For our three year anniversary, we went for a meal in the local city, and booked a nice hotel room to spend the night. When we arrived at the hotel, we took the lift up to our room, and dropped our bags off. We were only staying the night, so didn't have too much baggage.Just before we set off, Sarah wanted to change into something more suited for the city. As she. Thodi der bad voh uthi to uska pair thik thak tha maine pucha to pata chala ki voh sab to natak tha mere sath sex karne ka uska bahut mann tha to uske liye voh pichle kai mahino se plan kar rahi thi jo aaj safal hua, maine use baho me liya aur fir se use choomne laga to voh bhi fir se garam hone lagi,is bar muje uski gand marni thi so maine use tel lane ko kaha voh jat se kitchen me se tel le ke aayi,maine use ghodi style me aane ko kaha aur voh jaldi se position me aa gai,maine apne lode pe.

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