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In short I thought she was a walking wet dream, an orgasm on legs, a fantasy to be masturbated over in my lonely bed when I could pretend that my fing...rs were her tongue and I'd wake up in the morning, still wrapped in her arms!"Andrea?"I snapped back to reality and grinned sheepishly at her,"Sorry Miss Howard, I was away somewhere else for a moment" Well wherever it was, I think I'd have liked to be with you" she laughed and I had to bite my lip to stop myself from telling her, that I'd been. I closed my eyes as I thought to myself for a moment. Her mother would be another hour, she brought everything with her and the store was an hour and a half round trip. I would be as caring as possible, and I would be happy just to see her nude, that would be enough to keep my lust for her satisfied. It was nothing more than lust, but I was drunk on it right at that moment."Would you tell your mom?" I was sure she wouldn't want to confront her mother about it."No." Lay down then." I opened my. " She pushed her fingernails into my breastsuntil I cried. "Well, you're not such a hard ass now, are you?" "No." She pushed her fingers into my tender flesh, but not as hard as before. "No,Miss White," she said, correcting me. My face grew warm with indignation. There I was, a college professor, oldenough to be her mother, being forced to submit myself to this monster of agirl. "No, Miss White," I managed to force out. The fingers on my breasts grew gentle. They caressed them, handling. I laughed so hard I had tears running down my face!When all our chores were completed we all dutifully stripped naked, piling our discarded clothes on to dining room chairs, then settled ourselves down in the Great Room to await the return of the ladies, all now nursing nice cold beers.Our living area is very large, with three distinct relaxation spaces. On the West side is the home theatre area with three twelve-foot white leather sofas arranged in a U-shape around the giant flat-screen.

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