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Never been there, but it looks good from the outside," Troy said. His removed his coffee mug and tossed the cup with the grounds."It's decent on the i...side, too," Dawson said. He took Troy's place at the coffee maker. "Haven't seen so many people in my family at one time in probably five years." Cool." Troy nodded.Dawson was a lot that Troy wasn't: suburban, upper-middle class, graduate of a private college. He was willing to bet that Dawson's biggest problem growing up was figuring out which. There is a large open space for standing at the back of the theater.As we entered the theater there was a group of men in the standing area in the back as there had been when I was there earlier. We walked about hallf way down where I selected a row and purposely went to the center leaving a couple empty seats next to my wife. The men at the back of the theater saw that I had a women with me due to the light from the open doors to the lobby, but I'm also sure that even with the darkness of the. He said that I had to wear the costume back at the party that way. Nobody could really see anything; but, we both knew that I was naked and exposed to his naughty fingers, whenever he wanted during our dancing. He said that he wanted to be able to feel my wetness down there as we danced. I told him he was a bastard, because he was making me wet again.Back at the party we continued dancing again and he rubbed his fingers against my clit and kept me on the verge of an orgasm…After every dance I. C was a very nice woman, very pretty, down to earth, great sense of humor, and what the students didn't know, was perpetually horny. Well as it turns out one student was about to find out just HOW horny.Jason took his seat front and center as usual. Mrs. C always seemed to smile at him a lot, and he always smiled back ... maybe too much sometimes, just imagining her in various stages of dress, and of course, undress. Thinking about how he would make her feel so wonderful, and of course, she.

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